12 January 2009

Pillowcase How To

So, if you have a yard of fabric and the ability to sew straight lines, you too can have custom pillow-cases.

1 Yard of Fabric per pillow-case

Sewing Machine with Thread and so on.

Notions for trimming threads, maybe some pins if you are into that..


1. Iron your fabric
2. Fold down a 1/4 inch "seam" along one of the raw edges.

3. Fold that edge again, this time making a 3-4 inch fold.
4. Sew along the folded edge as close to the edge as possible, I use the 1/8 inch guide on my machine for this. 5. Fold the fabric right sides together and sew the long side. These edges are the selvage edges so there is no need to worry about "finishing" them. Just be sure to sew inside the selvages so no pesky white bits, printing texts of those odd little holes show.

6. You now have a tube with a fished top and a raw edge. Flip the tube so the right sides are, wrong sides are together. Sew along the open edge of the tube as close to the edge as you can. Here I again use the 1/8 inch guide.

7. Turn the almost done pillowcase right sides together and press the bottom edge. Now sew that edge again, but this time with a larger seam, I use the 1/4 inch guide, or larger if desired.

You have just made a french seam that will no be all "unravely" inside the pillowcase.

8. Turn it all right sides out, press it off and TAH-DAH, a custom pillowcase!

Once you can do this, then you can embellish to your heart's content. I made some cool ones with "prairie points" for a friend of mine's little boy and I have several flannel versions with whimsical rick-rac.