30 January 2009

More Holiday Gifts

Here are a few more gifts that have been delivered.

A Basic Manly Hat for my BIL done in Encore Colorspun. Pattern of my own, simplistic, design. I love this hat. it almost did not make it to Dear Rob. The colors just shaded so nicely!

Market Tote for my SIL.

Tears of the Phoenix Scarf for my long-time GF Amanda. This was made with some amazing Xanadu yarn I got in a grab-bag. Who knew it would turn out to be the perfect material for this awesome pattern?

Feather and fan scarf for my SIL. my first lace-style knitting. The pattern is called Two Evenings with Warrick.

Time for Tea project Bad for my crafty friend Alicen.

More to come soon. The pics are on the other computer...