14 December 2008

Socks For Me!

I am working on a pair of socks for me. Its my first pair of socks done in true sock yarn, on itty-bitty sock needles. It has been a true learning experience. I made it all the way the instep on one, then frogged it because the shape looked wonky and the size seemed off. It was the right choice given that I know I will not wear them, or even knit the other one, if I don't love them. In the process of starting again I have learned two new skills. The first is the long-tail cast on, um....yeah, super easy. I like my cable cast on for straight needles just fine, but this totally changed my ability to cast on DPNs and keep all the stitches even and not full of gaps. The next part of today's lessons was to make fake cables. I am using the repeat from this hat pattern. Its called Slouchy Copy Cat Hat. So far its looking great. I will post some pics when I get a few more rounds done and you all can see that way the pattern has turned out.

PS I also learned how to do short-row heels. Also much easier than the method I was using before, plus no picking up of stitches, a skill at which I do not excel.