27 December 2008

More Gifts? Yes, More Gifts!

With the major holidays over, for the most part, at our house we now begin birthday season. Everyone in our families and friends (with the exception of myself and some GFs who had the sense to be born in July, and GF who just had hers this month) have birthdays between now and May. That's 11 people doing birthdays in five months! While it can seem like a lot, I am so excited. Now I can pick out yarn and patterns and keep on crafting. This provides the perfect excuse to buy lots of stash, spend hours on Ravelry picking out patterns and use all my free time crafting because, after all, its for the loved ones.

Still waiting on delivery of some holiday gifts, so that pictorial will have to wait, but I will have some FOs to show off soon, I promise. In the meantime, here is something drool worthy to tide you all over.

That's right, this is some one's STASH! See the full details here. I look at these photos and figure that visiting this stash must be similar in effect to a full on religious experience. Could this be my Lourdes-like answer to "knitter's elbow"?