22 November 2008

A Productive Day

Despite the toddler's best efforts to the contrary, and the DH going to "change out his brake pads real quick" for four hours, I managed to get a lot done. I finally got to a tie-dye project I have been putting off for a while. It was fun, but I learned that little hands+ big gloves+ dye = alien hands. Also, as anyone who has seen The Ungrateful One's wardrobe knows, my sister Hilary is the best tie-dyer. Ever. In the whole world. She made it look really easy, and well, its not. While this was fun and I think I got some cool hats, burp cloths and cotton yarn out of the deal, in the future I will just commission her.

I also completed:
-Knitting project bag for one lucky holiday present recipient.
-Fixed some pants for the DH
-Finished my SILs gift
-Started gifts for my sisters

A quick note on the gifts for the sisters. Without saying what they are, I am using a pattern for them. I do not have a good track record with patterns and sewing, but here we go. So far with the exception of: the directions having me buy almost 3/4 yard more fabric than I needed while having me buy only half the interfacing I needed and the interfacing directions having nothing to do with the method that finally got the stuff to stick to the fabric, it is going great! I have walked away for tonight, maybe things will shape up in the morning.....