03 November 2008

My First Listless Monday

Things With Which I Am Currently Obsessed:

1. My Sephora Ultimate Collection. I know I may have mentioned this before, but it is just too cool.

2. Fall weather. It is still so nice here in VA yet I am not sweating at the mere thought of venturing out of doors.

3.Munchkin’s Mighty Grip Straw Cup. It really is the little things in life, like not dealing with 8 tantrums a day over our drink containers.

4. Weight Watchers- down four pounds baby, keep it coming!

5. Election Day excitement.

6. Morning Express on CNN Headline News-Specifically Morning Express With Robin Mead (Oh the eye candy for sports and weather...)

7. Knotty Legs- Great for days that start chilly and end up warm. Keep a set in your diaper bag and you are always set for adventure.

8. Ravelry, Etsy , My Etsy Store and all things crafty as the holidays approach.

9. Making my list to shamelessly increase blog traffic!


PS I think I hit all the major points from this fabulous, and funny, list at abdpbt.


Anonymous said...

Nice list! But you've got to run a contest now. :)