21 November 2008

More Holiday Crafting

Finished up another knit gift for a girlfriend and now have two more knit projects on the needles. Once these two biggies are done, its all about the sewing. I have three sewing projects (two biggies and one little) that seem pretty daunting now, but I think I will be okay. Since the DH is disappearing on Saturday morning to change his brake-pads, he can take baby duty that afternoon and I can get a few hours of sewing done in peace. After that I can do some little stuff. I have a handful of "stocking stuffer" sized projects that I would like to make for people, but they are not integral. So, its looking like I will need to quit cleaning and cooking so I can spend all my non-parenting time crafting. Oh so sad....I will so miss vacuuming......ha.