23 November 2008

Easy Photo Cards

So, today I finally made the Turkey Day cards I have been meaning to do for weeks. I mean its probably time to do it since the big day is actually this Thursday! Anyway, I figured out a super easy way to make your own photo cards and figured I would share.



-Computer with Microsoft Publisher and a photo editor ( I like Picasa)

-Adorable photo of child/dog/whatever

-Photo paper in desired size ( I used 4x6, but this woudl be a great way to make those nice 5x7 greeting cards that, for some inexplicable reason, are way more expensive than the 4x9s that everyone uses for holiday cards.)

-Printer than can print decent quality pictures


1. Open up Publisher and choose "blank publications"

2. Select "postcard"

3. Choose a theme from the listing on the left. There are tons and remember, you can change the color scheme so just look for shape here.

4. Once that is up on the page click on the picture icon (looks like a mountain photo) on the left, choose "from file" to use a picture off your computer, then drag the box shape to the approximate size you want. Once the box is drawn you will get a window to browse your pics, just choose one and like magic, its will be on the postcard.

5. Now you can use the "text-box" tool to insert your holiday wishes, grettings etc.

6. Basically here you just play around with the placement of the pictures, text etc until it suits you. If you desire to change the color scheme, choose "color schemes" from the menu on the left and click away. You can do additional customization by clicking on "custom color scheme" at the bottom of the color scheme menu.

7. Once it is to you liking, go and do File--> Save as--->choose ".jpeg" as the format---> name it and save it.

8. Now you can open it in whatever picture editor you like, crop/re size it to your photo paper and print them up. If you don't want them on photo paper, you can always print them up on nice quality card stock right from Publisher. It should do four to a page then slice them up with a craft knife.

I know anyone with half a brain has probably figured this out, but I was pretty pleased with the result and may be using it to do our Christmas/Yule cards as well.

Here is what I made today: