06 September 2008

Yurtle Quilt

Today's little crafting adventure, since we were grounded by Hanna, was a little quilt for the toddler's beloved Yertle the Turtle lovey. It started as me just needing to do some sewing, then developed into some "log cabin" blocks and well, at the end we have a mini-quilt. ( I do realize that they are not true log cabins, but since it was just a "for the love of fabric" project, I went with a variation that required far less measuring.)So adorable. I may switch to sewing exclusively small stuff like this. I have a queen sized quilt all cut out and awaiting sewing, yet cannot even bring myself to think about it. But this? This was quick, easy and rewarding.

Also made a "patchwork" felt-board and backed the little one's foam letters and numbers with velcro so we can do some fun word/number/color activities. Pictures of that soon.

Still chugging away on the watch cap, good thing we live in VA now and the pressure for winter hats is off, so many other projects keep grabbing my attention!