23 September 2008

Studio Make-Over

Today I bit the bullet and sorted out the studio (the guest room to anyone who doesn't feel like overestimating the depth of my crafting skills) and it came out nicely. Granted the table won't stay in front of the closet door forever, but this was a good compromise between the minefield of supplies it was before and a place where people, as in full sized adults, could sleep.

As you can see things had gotten a little out of control and the bed was pretty much serving as more table space. Yes, that is a tent vestibule hanging on the bookcase. A nice touch I think.
Now you can get to the bed and the bed is no longer on the dorm-style risers. While helpful for storage, not really sturdy if anyone over 50 lbs wants to go anywhere near the bed. The bookcase will stay moved and the table can go back when the bed returns to its corner, but for now its pretty good. I can still get some work done for the next few days, yet no one is likely to be killed by craft supplies during their stay!
PS You can see The Ungrateful One in the chair, mad because I will not devote the entire afternoon to spinning her right round baby (right round, like a record baby, right round, round, round) all afternoon.