11 September 2008

Cursed Yarn

Well, the deed is done. I have officially given up on this yarn. It was previously the fancy rectangle featured under the posts about the "lacy scarf." The rectangle was frogged since it wound up being the wrong size for anything. I tried a skinnier version of the same pattern, no dice. Two tries later it was going to be a simple garter-stitch scarf. Even that was hideous! The yarn is nicely rolled in a ball. It will live in my stash until my daughter inherits it and gives it to her daughter and so on until, a long time from now, in a galaxy far, far away, it will be made into something not awful. I hope.

In other news, I made a cool Excel Program to track my Etsy Items. Once the DH reminded me how to apply formulas to entire columns I was able to write so many useful functions. Now the program will calculate all my incurred fees and generate S/H fees that account for them. Well, not totally account for them, but at least it gets me pointed in a direction where I can keep my prices low-while making some profit that is not entirely devoured by fees. Wither way the stuff was easy to write and I might try and post how to do it here in case anyone else would like to use my rudimentary system...