05 September 2008

Crafting Addiction?

One might argue that the overwhelming need to embellish everything that isn't nailed down crosses a line. Regardless, I did do some fancy work on my toddlers safety harness. (Yes, I am a terrible mother putting her on a "leash," but I am over it since she is not flattened by a car in the road.) Either way its pretty cute.

I also undertook a felt project for the little one. Since she loves closures and fastenings of all types, I made her a little felt book so she can play with such things to her heart's content.

Not sure why its sideways, but here is the cover.

A zipper page and a velcro page.

A button page and a clip page.

The back cover.

The craftsmanship is not my best work, but it is sturdy and adored.