08 August 2008

Yeah! Etsy!

Hip hip hooray! I had an Etsy sale! So very exciting. This may not be the fastest way to make a million bucks, but it sure is the funnest way to dabble in business.

Otherwise it has been slow going with the crafting of late. I am about 2/3 of the way through my third candy-corn hat. I am also working on sketches for a cupcake hat. The part I am undecided about is how to create the ruffle. Crochet it on at the end? Knit the hat in several pieces and then put it all together? Hmm.... This I shall have to ponder.

I did read a book on using my digital camera. I know, I know, perhaps that little manual is good for something after all. Anyway, using the super-macro setting and setting my own shutter speeds and so on I got his totally fabu shot! Perhaps not "tack sharp" but getting there.