31 August 2008

Watch Cap

Here is the hat I am currently working on for the DH. It is made with Cascade 220 in a cool dark blue and black tweed like color. I think its a colorway in a part of the line called "The Heathers" but I am not sure on that one. Just knitting it up on some size 8 circulars with a bit of ribbing for a folded edge and then stockinette.

On a related note, since I am really liking, of all things, this set of Boye circulars I picked up on the cheap, I ordered the Needle Master Kit by Boye. So excited. Between that set, my full set of bamboo DPNs and my relatively complete set of 9 inch straights, really I think I am quite set for needles. Yarn on the other hand....I feel a LYS trip coming on.... Look out VB yarn shops, here we come.