17 August 2008

Scarf Progress

The scarf is going well, I think I am almost half done. Based on the current size, I think it will become a mobius scarf when completed. I am loving the pattern I am using. It is a very simple repeat, not too much counting required, but looks quite fancy. I am using the pattern found on The Intrepid Fiber Wizard with some adaptation. Instead of in the round I am working back and forth. Near as I can tell any number of sets of seven stitches plus two will work. I am using 44 stitches so I can do two knit stitches at the end of the pattern row. It is so pretty!

Also in my que is making some kind of sweater, vest, shrug etc. for the princess using the two skeins of Berroco Comfort I have in a totally royal purple. I am thinking that the Debbi Bliss pattern I found on Ravelry is my best bet, but I am open to suggestions. Also going to use up the alarmingly large collection of Red Heart Acrylic odds-ends to make Cupcakes! I can see that soon the little one will have her whole play kitchen stocked with amigurumi (sp?) food!