12 August 2008


In anxious anticipation of joining Ravelry I have made a list of all my stash, complete with photos. Featured here are a few of my personal favorites.

This one is just beautiful stuff. It is all 100% merino and the tint is hand-painted. It was a total splurge, and I have yet to decide on a project in which to use it, but I love it none the less.

This set of yarn is all the same Berroco Comfort Yarn. I am obsessed with it as evidenced by the many, many colors that I own. I used this for some socks and a matching hat that I posted about previously...its all in the archives somewhere if anyone feels so inclined.

I will stick the rest of the stash in an album just so all can see what I have amassed. I realize its kids stuff compared to some, but still, I was surprised at just how many flavors of yarn I own!