19 August 2008

FO! (Kind of...)

The "scarf"is completed. I love the pattern and still love the yarn. I may need to find more of this stuff, though it does appear to exist only in myth. Here you can see it being blocked (yes, a major step for me to actually block an item like the directions recommend) and there is also a close-up so you all can see the beautiful pattern. The hitch now is just what I want it to be. Sewn into a tube it would make a nice cowl style scarf, but by sewing up the top of the tube, it could also be a totally fabulous hat. This bit also has great potential to be lined and used as a bag, sewn on a pillow front, the list is just endless!

The next project underway is a cupcake hat. It is going well so far, though how to make the frosting ruffle is still a bit unclear to me. I guess I will just figure it out when I get there...