27 August 2008

Another Etsy Sale!

It never gets old. While I am sure this is old hat to so many crafters, for me it is quite the thrill. Another set of stitch markers has found a new home. I am getting ever closer to my dream of making millions just by crafting! Not really, but it is a nice, warm, fuzzy thought.

FO! The toddler shrug is done, though we will be waiting for pictures since on its first outing it experienced a terrible fate. In a nutshell, toddler ate soap (why? not really sure.) and the soap soon reappeared. All over the shrug. Ahhh, the joy of parenting. Now I think we can all see why she will be officially referred to her as The Ungrateful Toddler (TUT). I will finish gushing about the great shrug made with great yarn and a wonderful pattern when I have pictures. next up is a hat for the DH and maybe socks for me!