14 July 2008

New House + Craft Room= New Curtains

Not too much has been done these past few weeks in the crafting department. The move to VA is complete and now I can get back to it all. I am especially pleased to report that I actually have a true craft area. That's right, a table all to my own in a room that I can close off. No more eating dinner with the scrapbook stuff piled at one end of the dining room table!
I do have big plans for curtains. I have one set already made for the baby's room, and I have fabric for a coordinating set of valances and pillows for the living room. I may be making a double sided valance for the window between the kitchen and the dining room. In theory then you will see one set in the kitchen and another set in the dining room. We shall see how that goes.

Major updates for today pretty much amount to me adding some shopping websites. Both are online fabric stores with great stuff and good prices.

In final news, there is a Hancock Fabrics here.....so excited...field trip later this week!