20 July 2008

Hooray for Curtains

Okay, finally got a ton of sewing done today. Granted the whole process started with me having to totally revamp the whole craft-room. Basically I pitched a fit and decided that I was sick of how everywhere I looked in this house all I saw was other people junk. Bear in mind I only live with a toddler and my DH, yet somehow not a single square inch of the place didn't contain toys or any number of bits of electronics. So I decided this room was mine, all the DH's stuff got jammed onto the closet shelves and all my craft gear came out on display! With a freshly organized room I was able to finish the curtains for the littlest one's room, do the valance for the front hall and make the double sided valance for the kitchen/dining room pass through.

This is the baby's room. The valances gave me fits, they just refused to work up. However they were worth it since they are lovely and look great with the coordinating fabric I used in yellow frames to jazz up the room.

Pictures of the front hall valance, the pass through valance and the living room set will come at a later date. Since roughly six times in a row blogger has punked out half-way though uploading the pictures, I think I am done for a bit. With only one set of curtains left to make, I hope to get back to my knitting real soon!