02 July 2008

Diaper Pouch Pattern

Diaper Pouch Pattern
Fabric- A fat quarter will make a self-lined pouch.
Velcro-I like the sticky backed kind for ease in application.
Other Notions-Sewing machine (of course) pins, scissors etc.

Basically its one big rectangle with the squared off point at the top. I find that making a 8.5"x21" rectangle and cutting off some triangles at the top corners makes the best shape and size.

1. Cut two pieces, both the full pattern size. They can be either two of the same fabric or one outer fabric and a different liner.

2. With wrong sides facing fold where the bottom of the bag will be and add your Velcro. One piece will go at the top of the lining at the pointy end and one will go at the bottom of the outside.

3. Sew the Velcro onto the separate pieces.

4. With right sides together sew all the way around the pieces leaving an opening to turn the piece.

5. Turn the piece right sides out, iron and close the opening.

6. Fold the bag as shows in the pattern and run a line of top stitching down each side of the pouch.

7. Stuff the bag with your diapers and wipes!