01 July 2008

Crafting Bonanza

So, since being here at my folks for a while (enjoying a month of being nomadic while the Navy gets us moved) I have gotten a fair bit of crafting done. I finished some valances for my little girl's new room. they are super posh, I promise to post pictures soon, but they are currently in her closet and its nap time.

The white cotton hats are coming along. I like that they are a simple, and portable, little project. They knit up fast, they knit up easily, and the fun bit has yet to come. My sister is an ace tie-dye-goddess, so I need to get directions from her once all the hats are knit. As you can see, they are all just knit however the mood strikes me. Rolled brims, i-cord, ribbing, whatever!

I also embarked on a new sewing project (read:obsession). I saw at a reputable baby store, no need to names names of course, these fabulous little Velcro pouches for holding things in a diaper bag. Once I got over the sticker shock, I naturally decided "I can make that."
Anyway I did and here it is. I find it holds three diapers (disposables granted) and pack of wipes and a tube of diaper cream just perfectly. I also made a quick little ditty bag to hold some of the other random stuff that rolls around in there. I will also post a pattern for these, or a rough outline of how to do them because, really, it couldn't be any easier.