18 June 2008

Crafts Other Than Knitting...What?

So, yes, it has been known to happen, some crafting that is not knitting has been going on. BB (my mum, the princess' grandmum, the crafter whom we all aspire to be) made these super cool heart-art pieces.

She is also working on a "big fuzzy blanket." Also possibly called the "razzle-dazzle blanket" or the "impressionist blanket," this is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream made possible by a LYS (local yarn shop) going out of business and selling lots of great yarn at super prices.

Finally I am doing some amateur photography as a result of getting a new camera. I am looking forward to printing some of these out to decorate the new apartment. These include a cool picture of chives shot with the color selection option, a cool water lily and a shot of my sisters neurotic cat Draco.

In final crafting news, I got some white cotton in the hopes of knitting up kids hats and doing them with tie-dye. Not sure just how it will go, but I'll keep updating on that progress.