09 May 2008


Okay, so no posts in a while. I must make a terrible confession, the anchor hat failed miserably. Apparently I did not pay enough attention to how I was keeping tension as I carried the yarn, so while its pretty cute, it will not fit my little egg-head. Follow that little incident with two weeks of a stomach bug and a submarine homecoming, needless to say crafting had to put on the back burner! I have since moved onto knitting a much simpler little hat. This one is in variegated green cotton and done with a simple lace-type pattern (basically just doing some yarn-overs and knit-two-togethers every fourth row) so as to make a lighter summer cap to keep her little head from getting sunburned. I will post pictures once the pattern starts to emerge. I am also starting a big-person hat. When my husband saw the yarn I had picked out to make him more socks, he said "Ooohhhh, can I have a hat in that?" Well, darling, all you need do is ask! Embarking on a ten hour drive tomorrow, so I bet i will have much progress to show when that is done. The major big news is that my very favorite yarn shop now has a website so check it out, I'll add it to the shopping section and if you live in the Albany NY area, please do go and see all the wonderful things it has to offer. (I'll tell you a secret, its right next to an equally fabulous fabric shop...talk about double trouble!)