03 March 2008

More Baby Socks

I have gotten a request for the formula I used for the socks, so flattered that people read this blog! (Thanks Heidi!) I used the formula from Terri Lee Royea's "Socks 101" the link is listed to the right. With worsted weight yarn I started with 36 stitches and size 3 needles(I made a fingering/sock weight set with 40 stitches and size 3 needles and they worked out pretty well too.) I have also discovered that my very favorite free pattern from Red Heart for adult worsted weight socks works perfectly for baby socks if you just switch to size 3 needles and use all the same stitch numbers. Clearly you scale how long to make the cuff, the heel flap and foot length, but just measure the munchkin and you are off and running. The pattern can be found at http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/Accessories/LW1533+Knit+Dorm+Socks.htm
Hope this helps. My second one of Charlie's socks is close to done, only the instep and toe decreases to do...pictures to follow soon.