01 March 2008

Confessions of a Failed Knitter

Okay, so much to share, where to even begin. The knitting of late has not been too successful. The sparkle leg warmers, while adorable in theory, were pretty un-functional in real life. The yarn was completely unsuited to this project, immediately streched out beyond recognition and proceeded to unravel. Lesson learned: Pretty Yarn does not equal Perfect Product. Needless to say a new pair was made of some worsted weight acrylic blend that worked out much better. The second tragedy is my current socks. I finally decided to take on a pair of true sock-weight socks and knit them using a sock formula so I wont have to rely on a pattern for every sock I make. The sock formula part worked out great, turning heels is so easy, but as I started the instep it became clear that this sock would fit Andre the Giant, not me. Let the frogging begin.... I have since restarted the sock with fewer stitches and I am also working on a smaller pair of knee sock for the baby so as to have a rewarding and fast project in my knitting bag. Pictures soon.