22 February 2008

First "Pattern"

Okay, more of a formula than a pattern, but here goes:
Baby Leg Warmers
Toddlers too, just add some yarn since they may be bigger/longer.
Yarn – Your choice, they seem to use about as much to make the leg warmers as to make adult socks (200 yards worsted weight, 400 yards sock weight/fingering)
DPNs- Your choice, the ones recommended on the package tend to work well or use the ones that create a tension you like. Grab that size and the next size up. (These can be made with single points, follow the same directions, just work back and forth then seam them up when you are done.)

Basic Math:
Don’t cringe, it’s easy.
Do a test swatch and get your stitches per inch.
Measure you baby around the top of the leg, also measure how long you want them to be. (I measured what part of the leg I wanted them to cover and added 2 inches for the “slouch.”)
Multiply inches by stitches per inch and cast on 2/3 that many stitches on your DPNs

My gauge was 6 stitches per inch and my chunky monkey’s legs were 10 inches around. So 10 inches times 6 stitches per inch is 60, take 2/3, so I cast on 40 stitches.

Cast on your stitches, join in the round, careful not to twist them all up, and knit the first round.
Work in 1X1 rib for 1 ½ inches.
Switch to stockinet stitch and work until the warmer measure s about 1/2 of the desired length, switch to larger needles.

Knit until warmers measure 1 ½ inches less than the total desired length.
Work in 1X1 rib for the last 1 ½ inches and bind off loosely.
Sew in your ends and there you have them baby leg warmers.

Cast on loosely, use larger needles to cast on and off if needed.
Where the pattern calls for stockinet, do whatever you like, lace, cables etc.
Go to the websites listed on this page if you need additional direction for ribbing, more creative stitch patterns etc. (Knitting Pattern Central has categories for stitch directions, terms, abbreviations etc.)
Remember, this is a basic formula, not a set pattern, no real rules here, go nuts!
Knitting should be fun so enjoy the process and the product.