05 April 2016

Ravenclaw Mittens

My daughter got me a fabulous Ravenclaw house scarf for Yule, so I set out to make mittens to match.  Using Cascade 220 in Navy and some scraps of Lambs Pride in silvery grey, I made these up to coordinate.  I used a basic mitten formula from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.  I like making my own mittens because I have wide-ish hands, with stumpy little sausage fingers and no thumbs to speak of.  Knitting them means I can custom fit all the parts!  I even got the hang of Kitchener stitch...all together a rousing success.

Details on my Ravelry projects page

01 April 2016

Blogging (and Crafting) Challenge

I am going to jump into Ramble Ramble's April blogging challenge with a post here.  I promised to keep better track of my crafting this year and have totally failed to open on that one! So, with no further delay, here are some recent knitting projects:

This is my Cupcake Tea Cozy.  My MIL got me a beautiful teapot, with matching sugar bowl and milk jug, in yellow! A new teapot surely called for a new tea-cozy.  A simple knit, with some brown 2x2 rib to make the "cake, then alternating bands of stockinette and reverse-stockinette to make some "frosting."  Add a "cherry" pom-pom and voila!  Your teapot looks like a giant cupcake.   All the project details are in my Ravelry Projects Section if you want to see the pattern I used as a rough guide.

I have a few more completed projects in there to share with you this month and I am about to cast on a shawl about which I am super excited!

Happy Knitting!

03 February 2016

And We Are Back!

It has been actual years since I posted here, which is silly since I have been knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting away....just not posting it all the way I used to.  2016 is going to be the year of record keeping.  I am going to track the books I read (more detailed lists/links at TheWellReadMom), and the projects I do, both here and on Ravelry.

I started with getting all my yarn loaded in to the Ravelry stash organizer.  This was a great opportunity to see it all, sort it all out (several bags went to my library knitting group for new homes) and get inspired by all the great stuff that is there. All the yarn porn is right here.

I am also using the Ravely project section to track what I work on.  That seems to be a good system in that getting the photos and info ready for Ravelry means I also have the photos and info ready for this blog!

I have some projects to post, knitting and otherwise, plus some new tutorials I want to post and some great resources to share. Check back in and I promise to be around a bit more!

18 June 2014

Socks! Lots of Socks!

My obsessionw ith rapid production short-row, toe-up sock continues. These are made out of worsted wool on size 3 needles. Using 44 sticthes they will be a womans large or men's medium. Being a large footed gal myself, I especially like the proportions of this pair. The yarn is KnitPicks Bare Worsted that I dyed with Wilton's Gel Food Coloring. I meant for the yarn to be black and blue, but the dye split and created this really pretty mix of all kinds of blues, purples and pinks.


15 June 2014


These are my go-to end of year gift for teachers. A trio of hand knit (or crocheted) dishcloths combined with fancy soap or coordinating tea towels is a not-flashy, but always useful, gift. I also like to think that getting something handmade feels special. I found this adorable, vaguely patriotic, cotton and whipped these up for Charlie's teacher. I think a set for Liz's story time teacher may be up next.

From top to bottom they are done in seed stitch, stockinette with a garter stitch edging and checker-board patterns.



14 June 2014


I am yet again attempting to make a shawl. This one is the Lantern Shawl knit with Sunshine Yarns fingering/sock weight in the colorway Rasperry Limeade. I am loving it so far, though it is on hiatus since it is quite the project and I needed a break.


16 May 2014

Even More Bathroom Curtains

Now that we have separate bathrooms, we are also redoing the girls' bathroom. The theme will be "fairytales" as inspired by the cute fairytale nesting doll fabric I found. For now I have just made the new curtain, but soon we will add a poofy sheer curtain under the valance and some chair-rail with pink and/or teal detailing underneath once the wall repair is completed. I have hung some cute princess art up and hope to paint the light fixture in something glittery. The kids are pretty excited!



New Bathroom Curtains

The first thing I picked out for the new bathroom (because it is so clearly a priority) was the fabric for the curtain. I have liked this fabric forever and scored a yard in a fabric store close-out sale. Used my basic hemmed rectangle method, though I did add a little striped top ruffle for some flair. I felt like fancy French soap fabric needed some froofy-ness. It looks adorable in the plain off-white bathroom with dark blue mats and towels. Very crisp and classic with nary a My Little Pony to be seen!




14 May 2014


Part of sorting out all the crafting supplies that had been unceremoniously stuffed into my dining room hutch was the discovery that I owned a lot of fat-quarters and half yards of fabric that I no longer loved. It was all beautiful stuff, probably meant for some lovely project, but now it was all just siting there definitively not inspiring me. The answer then became obvious: napkins. A roughly fat-quarter sized bit of fabric will make a perfect 18 inch x 18 inch square that becomes a generously sized, but not unmanageable for little hands, napkin once the edges are hemmed up. I did some quickie mitered corners, but did not double fold the hems, just pinked the edges since these are for every-day, rough and tumble use. The whole project took maybe an hour and now I have 12 new cloth napkins. This helps the planet a little and empties out that guilt-inducing fabric stash in one easy project.



13 May 2014


Having learned to do the short-row technique, it is now like a sock factory up in here. This pair of socks is for Liz and is made of the leftovers from a hat that my sister had knit for her as a baby. These were my first fully short-rowed project. Using a provisional cast-on I loaded up half the stitches, worked a short-row toe, picked the provisional stitches back up then worked in the round until the short-row heel. Once the heel was worked I just knit until I ran out of yarn. I am liking my new toe-up method since I can just split the ball of yarn (by weight generally) into two smaller balls and then make a sock out of each one by knitting until I run out or it looks long enough, whichever comes first. I get two socks that are amazingly matching and never have to guess/worry about when to stop the first sock. It is knitting magic!